The Bunny Show As Artist

The Bunny Show As Curator

The Bunny Show is a collaborative project between international artists and rabbits and after weeks of cross-species experimentation the fruits of their loins are ready for close examination.

They have all worked around the theme of rabbits and hares, expressing themselves trough photography, illustration, painting, sculpture, installation and videos.

The theme of the rabbit has been chosen for its playfulness as well as its establishment in mythology, symbolism and the History of Arts.

As a symbol of luck, of the ambivalent, of procreation, of lust, of witchcraft and more, rabbits, source of inspiration for the participants of the show, have generated a diverse ensemble of works, from symbolic inspiration to figurative pieces of work.

The event will bring people together with work conceptual but nevertheless entertaining, inviting the audience to participate.

The Bunny Show Committee believes that art is for everybody to understand and interact.

With a vast and mixed network The Bunny Show is be a multicultural event, thanks to the different nationalities of the artists and the curators.


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